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Welcome to Maweg Maschinen Galac GmbH

On the following sites you have the possibility to familiarize with our areas of activities, to view our product range and you have the possibility to contact us via our contact form, if you are interested in current products. You can find our products here.

Summarizing our field of activities tells you that we...
  • are specialized in original Maweg machines
  • build frame compressions, glue compressions and rotor glue compressions in different sizes - according to our clients' demands
  • are selling original Maweg replacement parts
  • are creating machines, frame pieces, welded constructions (and more)
  • are doing milling work, mag-work and mig/mag-welding

As you can see we have a wide spectrum of activities. Are you yet interested?

Don't waste time to contact us via telephone or e-mail. You can also use our contact formular, which you find here.

Otherwise we hope you enjoy browsing our website... however don't forget our slogan, which has been proven true over and over again...

Everyone does what he knows. We know what we are doing.

Kind regards,
Mr. Galac